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4 days Fellowship in Ultrasound
Course Fee
 Rupees 70,000 for Doctors
4 days Fellowship in Ultrasound
Course Fee
 Rupees 70,000 for Doctors
7 days Fellowship in Ultrasound
Course Fee
 Rupees 70,000 for Doctors

Arthroscopy may be a quite common orthopedic procedure; however, it remains challenging from technical and psychomotor perspectives. one among the most interesting thing is that arthroscopy requires ambidextrous triangulation in three dimensions, while the surgeon is guided by a two-dimensional display screen . The Arthroscopic Surgery educational program was initiated in 2011 as a collaborative effort of AANA, AAOS, and ABOS. The program is predicated on the principle that basic surgical skills are best developed sequentially. It assumes that advanced proficiency should be supported successful completion of a basic skills curriculum.
To become conversant in the essential set-up and performance of the arthroscopic ‘tower’, basic hand tools, OR set-up, draping techniques and basic arthroscopic portals.
To develop some basic ambidextrous triangulation skills that are important for clinical performance of arthroscopic surgical procedures.
To become conversant in principles of interventional arthroscopy, like avoiding unnecessary contact with the walls of a closed space and maintaining a stable view of a targeted area while using an instrument within the opposite hand to get rid of or resect a tissue.
To know the surgical techniques involved the location of suture anchors into a bone.
To know the varied techniques and steps sequence for the passage of suture through tissue, and become conversant in the related tools.
To find out the steps sequence required for tying different basic knots, which are wont to tie sutures arthroscopically.

Courses Highlight

Basic Principles of Arthroscopy
Basic Triangulation Skills
Hands-on Tasks on the following-
Steadiness of the Camera and Arthroscope
Image Orientation
Image Centering
Telescoping (Pistoning)
Deliberate Linear Scope Motion
Tracking a Moving Target with the Scope
Basic Probe Triangulation
Touch and Probe of a Stationary Target
Simultaneous Image Tracking and Probing of a Moving Target
Measurement of Articular Dimensions with the Tip of the Probe
Basic Interventional Arthroscopy
Suture Anchors
Passing Suture Through Tissue
Arthroscopic Knot Tying

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Faculty Members

Dr. Anupama Sethi Arora

10+ years experience

Dr. Sweta Kumari

36 years experience

Dr. Manvi Harjai

36 years experience

Dr. Manisha Mavi

36 years experience

Dr. Kapil Lall

36 years experience

Dr. Himanshu Kukreja

36 years experience

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