Are you looking to enhance your career in surgery? Do you want to become a certified laparoscopic surgeon? If Yes, then you are at the right place because at Tulip Institute & Lall Laparoscopy Training Centre (TILLT) you will get a chance to learn, develop, and practice the latest surgical skills which can help you to take your medical career to new heights in this cut-throat competition. 

What makes us Unique?

Tulip Institute & Lall Laparoscopy Training Centre (TILLT) is considered as one of the best laparoscopic surgery training centers in India which was founded with the sole purpose to impart the best training and research in different fields with all our courses being FOGSI recognized. We have been the center of excellence in all types of surgeries for the past many years and within 10 years TILLT has successfully trained more than 3000 surgeons across the globe with live exposure in operation theatre combined with a hands-on demonstration in well-equipped labs under the guidance of our experts. This is the reason that while having various other medical training centers across the country, we are always the topmost choice of surgeons and laparoscopic aspirants.

TILLT has been a huge center of attraction for the number of aspirants from all over the world and it has a high reputation of providing quality training by giving free study material including video lectures and complete books of surgery for gynecologists and surgeons. We offer a wide range of certified courses in various fields such as:

  • Basic Laparoscopy
  • Advanced Laparoscopy
  • Basic Hysteroscopy
  • Therapeutic Hysteroscopy
  • Gynae-Endoscopy
  • IVF
  • Ultrasound
  • Uro-Gynecology
  • Cosmetic Gynecology

This list is endless as we keep on adding and updating our courses as per the ongoing trends in the medical industry. If you also want to become a part of our TILLT family then do visit our portal below to join our currently released Endo-web series program and have a look at all our courses.

Hands-On Laparoscopic Surgery Training

TILLT understands the burning need of giving ample hands-on laparoscopic surgery training sessions to its students because we believe that knowledge is nothing implementing what you learn in the real-time environment under the guidance of our specialized team of doctors and surgeons. For this purpose, we have a fully competent designated surgical team and support staff, and continuous quality assessment, and our significant experience in performing minimally invasive general surgery which is excelled by the surgeons who provide evaluation and treatment for a wide range of general surgical conditions. This training course is aimed at imparting basic to advanced theoretical and practical experience with the emphasis on daily practical surgical problems encountered while operating on patients. Our modern approach towards learning makes us thebest Institute for Hands-on Laparoscopic Surgery Training in India

What do we have other than Laparoscopy?

Our reach is not limited to a specific course but we have a plethora of courses for our aspirants. Apart from Laparoscopy, we also provide Endoscopy training courses. We aptly understand the need of gaining new skills from time to time to face the challenges in the world of healthcare so keeping this in mind, TILLT has started a basic Endoscopy training program through the Endo-web series. This training course is combined with a hands-on session which is useful for the renewal and maintenance of skills of the trained Endoscopist, as well as providing them with exposure to evolving surgical techniques. By the time you reach the final stage of your training, you will become competent enough to perform Endoscopic surgeries on your own and this course is scientifically designed as per the International standards of Endoscopic education.

If you are ready to fulfill your ambitions of becoming a reputed doctor or surgeon by taking a leap in your medical career then don’t miss this opportunity and feel free to clear your doubts by connecting with us