Fellowship Laparoscopic Program

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Fellowship Laparoscopic Program

4 days Fellowship in Ultrasound
Course Fee
 Rupees 70,000 for Doctors
4 days Fellowship in Ultrasound
Course Fee
 Rupees 70,000 for Doctors
7 days Fellowship in Ultrasound
Course Fee
 Rupees 70,000 for Doctors

In the current urological scenario, a laparoscopic training program is necessary for many reasons: be- cause laparoscopy is slightly more difficult to learn than open surgery ,because urologists trained prior to 1990 had minimal exposure to laparoscopic techniques and that they still structure an outsized component of the manpower in current urological practice and since in urology there’s no straightforward, fre- quently performed procedure that facilitates the devel- opment and maintenance of the skills required for laparoscopic urological surgery.

Fellowship models are developed with the aim of coaching residents and postgraduates in laparoscopic urology.
These fellowships include an intensive training program with a swift progression from the bench model to safe clinical practice. They begin by a period of observing and assisting a clinical mentor treating a minimal number of cases of major renal laparoscopic procedures and a progressive initiation and integration of the laparoscopic technique under the mentor’s direct guidance in the trainee’s hospital.
A reasonable number of cases seems to be essential to maintain the optimal practice and skills.
The programs provide the urologist with clinically applicable experience and allow effective learning in a safe environment under the direct supervision of a mentor, even in the last phases of the program.
The fellowship programs are conceptually equal, and some are described here.
■ Completing a basic and advanced training course
■ Practising in the office setting in a pelvic trainer
■ Proceeding to an animal lab course
■ Visiting centres with a high volume laparoscopic surgery
■ Observing the mentor performing a number of procedures (major cases)
■ Performing a hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy with the mentor’s guidance at Tulip hospital
■ Performing pure laparoscopic procedures under the mentor’s guidance at the mentor’s hospital
■ Starting laparoscopic procedures at his or her own hospital with a mentor
■ Proceeding to performing laparoscopic procedures independently.

This fellowship consist in three phases:
(1) completing a 2 to 3day hands on track in laparoscopy including pelvic trainers and an animal model
(2) observing a clinical mentor perform six or more major renal laparoscopic cases, and
(3) performing six or more major renal procedures with a mentor’s direct guidance in patients at the hospital after obtaining appropriate temporary privileges.

Course Details

Training by audio visual aids (Computer slides & video CDs/DVDs)
Detailed lectures on all topics starting from the basic to the advanced.
Practical demonstration on patients and video presentations of almost all abnormal cases
Concrete & precise course material
Daily assignments for better grasping of concepts
Option of further update by joining the Ultrasound club, through correspondence or through internet
Certificate issued after successful completion of the courses
Hands on sessions with patients
Individual problem solving sessions
All courses lay more emphasis on basics and practically useful applications.

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Faculty Members

Dr. Anupama Sethi Arora

10+ years experience

Dr. Sweta Kumari

36 years experience

Dr. Manvi Harjai

36 years experience

Dr. Manisha Mavi

36 years experience

Dr. Kapil Lall

36 years experience

Dr. Himanshu Kukreja

36 years experience

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