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It was great opportunity to have training at Tulip Hospital. Learnt laproscopy surgery, guidance and hands on training was really very helpful. And with this training we can really go back to our institute and practice laparoscopy with more confidence. I would like to thanks Dr. Anupama for her valuable guidance throughout the training periods. And also like to thanks all other Gynae and Surgery departments doctors including Nurses and other staff for their help and supports.

Dr. Manoj

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Had a great time. Learning laparoscopy at Tulip Hospital got chance to assist, hands on procedure with the mentors Wich was the best part of the course. I would like to thanks Dr. Anupama for everything.
It was very good hospitality by other team members.

Dr. Pappu

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It was a great opportunity to brush up my endoscopy skills. Dr. Anupama is a great person, always calm and patient, how so ever long the surgery is going she keeps teaching important and key points. I used to have differently at. Some key steps and regarding the instruments, but Dr. Anupama cleared the doubts very patiently. Most amazing part is that you never realise that she works with her left hand that is amazing. The setup is really nice with all the latest instruments. The staff, teacher everyone is nice and good.
I will keep coming again to learn here.

Dr. Preeti


Though it was my first time in Haryana and Tulip Hospital for a duration of 6 days, time flied within a blink. The correspondence with Pourishi Ma’am was quick and response was regular so that I got the opportunity to be at TILLT in 2019. It was nice to meet Rahul who dropped me from IG airport to the Subhash hotel with good responsibility. The hospitality provided was really adorable and nice time to meet Deepa Ma’am too. More was the time to be with Anupama Ma’am with strong will power. She is really an example of how will determination wins over the physique. Really learnt the hysterescopy and interpretation of its findings which are really lacking Also learn the principles of laparoscopy and hysterectomy which are applied throughout the life and wherever we go. Also got the hands on training for hysterescopy and laparoscopy which was beyond my imagination. I would also like to salute the anaesthesiologist Ma’am-she is really good and experienced.
Special salute to OT guys and technicians who are well experienced and at their best to go through all the difficult procedures.
Hope to be here in coming days with good imaginations and fulfillment.
Lastly, I would like to thank Shweta Ma’am, whom i felt and imagined my senior when I had my fellowship in gynaecology in Kolkata (or Rupashree). She is very keen in teaching and helping us to do works. She is very good teacher.

Dr. Ramesh Shrestha