Are you looking to pursue a career in Uro-gynaecology? Don’t know which is the best training center? If yes, then your search for finding the best Uro-gynaecology Training institutes ends with us because Tulip Institute & Lall Laparoscopy Training Centre (TILLT) provides FOGSI approved courses for Minimal Access Surgery training in the following areas-

  • Uro-gynaecology
  • Laparoscopic Gynaecology
  • Gynae-Endoscopy
  • Gynae-Endoscopy
  • Cosmetic Gynecology
  • Basic Hysteroscopy
  • Advanced Laparoscopy, etc

We have always been committed to providing one & one training with a plethora of opportunities to learn from the top leaders in various medical fields combined with hands-on training program which is a unique feature of our training program. Visit the below link to check our related courses available for both new comers and practitioners.


Tulip Institute & Lall Laparoscopy Training Centre (TILLT) is located in Haryana (Sonipat) near Dr. Akhil Saxena SHMIST. After getting training from us, you will have rich exposure to surgical practices before making your way into the real environment so that you feel competent enough to perform in the industry as we will remove the training gaps among the surgeons which help us in converting the new technologies into clinical practice.

Our Special Features

In this section, we will see some of our unique features that separate us from other training institutes-

  • We have been organising training programs every year for the last 10 years.
  • We have already trained more than 3000 surgeons and doctors.
  • A large number of seminars and workshops in sEndo-Gynae and laparoscopy in various cities like Delhi, Noida, Allahabad, Ludhiana, Guwahati, Jaipur, and many more.
  • Our faculties have won more than 27 awards in training services.

Such unmatched features of our training institute make us the best Uro-gynaecology Training in India. You can browse our courses of Uro-gynaecology below:

Best Gynaecologist training centre in India

Gynaecologist training centre

Being the best Gynaecologist training centre in India, TILLT has always been dedicated to provide training through practice which has always been a trademark of TILLT since its inception that’s why we are also recognised as the top institute in laparoscopic training and uro-gynaecology training in India. We know the need of imparting practical knowledge to the trainees via ample of hands-on session so that’s why we rely on creating more training centers for Hands-on exposure with live demonstrations in the operation theatre. We have built a strong network with reputed medical professionals across the country, helping us in achieving our vision to provide the world’s best training to the aspirants.

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We are also well known for the best laparoscopic training in India so If you are ready to begin a new journey to achieve your ambitions of becoming a reputed Uro-gynaecologist with us then don’t miss this chance and feel free to remove your doubts by getting in touch with us below:

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