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Basic Endo-Gynae Laparoscopic Cours

Our Basic Endo-Gynae Laparoscopic training aims to allow participating surgeons to acquire basic level skills in laparoscopic gynecology including hands-on based sessions of necessary OB-GYN procedures.
During the course, you will learn to encounter a range of patient pathologies. With many similar courses, where the degree is issued without much practical experience, this is one of its kind where a surgeon will actually be able to start Endo- Gynae Laparoscopic practice at the completion of the course.
On the successful completion of training, participants will be issued the a Certification of this fellowship course.
At TILLT, We always make sure that the entire curriculum of the training session including hands-on is regularly updated based on latest technology and advancements in the medical industry.  We have aspirants from all over the country and have a high reputation of providing quality training by giving study material including Video lectures and complete books of surgery to gynecologists and surgeons. We have been imparting training for the past many years and successfully trained more than 3000 surgeons across the globe.

Course Overview

  • Live surgeries
  • How to set-up OT
  • Anaesthesia in laparoscopy, pre & post-operative care.
  • Laparoscopic Instruments
  • Medico-legal aspects in Minimal Access Surgeries
  • Laparoscopic/Hysteroscopic Gynae procedures
  • Hands-on training

Course Objective:

  • To make our aspirant learn, practice, and acquire proficiency in basic laparoscopic skills- Camera Manipulation, Electrocautery, Eye-hand coordination, Clipping, and grasping, Two-handed maneuvers; Translocation of objects, and Clip application.
  • To get an exposure to GYN procedures such as salpingo-oophorectomy, Laparoscopic tubal sterilization, salpingectomy, and salpingostomy to help you gain experience in various techniques and surgical instruments.
  • To make familiar to control complications and emergency situations such as a ruptured fallopian tube, blood-filled abdominal cavity, and bleeding at the implantation site.
Programs Course Type and duration Fee structure Remarks
Basic Fellowship 3 months
1st month-only observation Rs. 55 Thousand Food, Stay &taxes excluded
2nd month-Hands on Rs. 65 Thousand Food, Stay &taxes excluded
3rd month-Hands on Rs. 1 Lakh Food, Stay &taxes excluded
Advanced Fellowship  Hands On 1 month to 1 year (flexible programme) Rs. 1 Lakh per month Food, Stay &taxes excluded
Full time Residential Fellowship (for Indian delegate) 3 months Rs. 3 Lakh Food, Stay &taxes excluded
Full time Residential Fellowship (for Indian delegate) 6 months Rs. 6 Lakh Food, Stay &taxes excluded
Full time Residential Fellowship 1 year Rs. 12 Lakh Food, Stay &taxes excluded

Frequently asked questions

Yes, TILLT is FOGSI recognized institute.

Yes, hand-on sessions are available

Yes, you can connect with our experts any time.

You will be exposed to live surgeries and OT.

What Alumni Says

It was great opportunity to have training at Tulip Hospital. Learnt laproscopy surgery, guidance and hands on training was really very helpful. And with this training we can really go back to our institute and practice laparoscopy with more confidence.
Dr. Manoj
Laproscopy Surgery
It was a great opportunity to brush up my endoscopy skills. Dr. Anupama is a great person, always calm and patient, how so ever long the surgery is going she keeps teaching important and key points. I used to have differently at.
Dr. Preeti
Had a great time. Learning laparoscopy at Tulip Hospital got chance to assist, hands on procedure with the mentors Wich was the best part of the course. I would like to thanks Dr. Anupama for everything. It was very good hospitality by other team members.
Dr. Pappu
Laparoscopy Surgery
Though it was my first time in Haryana and Tulip Hospital for a duration of 6 days, time flied within a blink. The correspondence with Pourishi Ma’am was quick and response was regular so that I got the opportunity to be at TILLT in 2019.
Dr. Ramesh Shrestha
Laproscopy surgery
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