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FOGSI Recognized Basic Gynae- Endoscopy Training Courses

In the Medical Department, Endoscopy is a term of minimally invasive surgical procedure for Gastroenterology.

 A procedure is usually performed for diagnosis and treatment where a long and flexible tube is inserted down the patient’s throat with a tiny camera. By this process, surgeons can examine the esophagus, stomach, and the beginning of the small intestine.

 As a future doctor, you can understand this procedure is an important part of a life-saving procedure. To become an endoscopic surgeon you need to train your skills in the whole procedure. 

TILLT is giving an opportunity to enhance skills for recent medical graduates, Radiology aspirants, and practicing surgeons. 

We provide in our institute all the Endoscopy training courses for the relevant information with practical workshops . This performance is totally dependent on the technical skills and experience of surgeons. Endoscopic training aims to evaluate the delivery of general surgery trainees.

Under the Best faculty and expert students develop their experience in the detection of ulcers, cancers, polyps, sites of internal bleeding, and all the fields of gastrointestinal diseases treatment. Along with this, you can learn hands-on practice through endoscopy like how tissue samples may be obtained,

 How to open regions of blockage, how to stop active bleeding, How to remove the Polyps in the colon which can avoid colon cancer, Physical cleaning, Leakage testing, Rinsing and drying, How the Preparation of the Endoscope for Each Procedure Makes sure Patient Safety and more.

Apart from this, some other special endoscopes allow surgeons to view portions of the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder as well. As we can say that Endoscopy courses are definitely completed on an outpatient basis. 

With this extra skill, you can learn the strategy of endoscopy for the safe procedure to become a qualified endoscopist.

Here you can choose departments of endoscopic curriculum like Robotic Surgery, IVF or Endoscopic Surgery and another one. 

We provide Endoscopic Training courses of Basic to Advance level. We also provide Virtual reality (VR) simulators by exposure in an operation theatre.

TILLT has introduced Basic Gynae Endoscopy training with the purpose to reduce this concern, by providing comprehensive training that includes lectures, instructional videos, and lab exercises that will help to improve the confidence and competence of the surgeon. 

Every surgeon practicing today needs to understand the principles and fundamentals of endoscopic surgery in Gynaecology and avoid compromises and complications. The course in basic Gynae-Endoscopy is a highly supervised instructional course to assure quality  in all kinds of surgeries so that after the completion of  surgeons can start the practice immediately.

Course Overview

  • Fully Operational
  • Live Surgeries
  • FOGSI Certification
  • Lectures by expert faculty and mentors
  • Interaction with medical professionals

Course Objective:

  • To understand the knot-tying and suturing.
  • To make you familiar with the basic principles of energy sources.
  • To improve hand-eye coordination.
  • To make you expert in performing the two-handed dissection.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can connect with our experts any time.

Yes, we will provide FOGSI certification on the successful completion of course.

You will be exposed to live surgeries and OT.

Yes, hand-on sessions are available

What Alumni Says

It was great opportunity to learn at Tulip Hospital. Learnt laproscopy surgery, guidance was really very helpful. And with this training we can really go back to our institute and practice laparoscopy with more confidence.
Dr. Manoj
Laproscopy Surgery
It was a great opportunity to brush up my endoscopy skills. Dr. Anupama is a great person, always calm and patient, how so ever long the surgery is going she keeps teaching important and key points. I used to have differently at.
Dr. Preeti
Had a great time. Learning laparoscopy at Tulip Hospital got chance to assist, hands on procedure with the mentors Wich was the best part of the course. I would like to thanks Dr. Anupama for everything. It was very good hospitality by other team members.
Dr. Pappu
Laparoscopy Surgery
Though it was my first time in Haryana and Tulip Hospital for a duration of 6 days, time flied within a blink. The correspondence with Pourishi Ma’am was quick and response was regular so that I got the opportunity to be at TILLT in 2019.
Dr. Ramesh Shrestha
Laproscopy surgery